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Aircraft Painting

Change, restore and protect the first layer of your aircraft

Aircraft financial and administrative management

Fly, we'll take care of the rest

Airport Procedures

We manage the relationship of your passengers and crew with the relevant airport authorities

Avionics systems

We are pioneers in the modernization to ProLine Fusion of Collins Aerospace


With application to the STC

Crew Service

We have our own bases in Bogotá, Cali and Villavicencio. Our services in the rest of the country with our network of regional FBOs

Engine Workshop

Designated Maintenence Facility by Pratt & Whitney Canada

Engine upgrade

PT&A and T53 engines


Inspection, repair and overhaul of Safran generators

Ground Handling Services

We work with the leaders of the aeronautical industry to provide line assistance or serve as a maintenance workshop

Interior Remodeling

Design and comfort come together to transform the way you enjoy the hours of travel before reaching your destination.

Landing Gear

Safe takeoffs and landings.

Parts and Components

Inventories of aircraft with OEM parts

Passenger Service

We are recognized as the international and national VIP terminal with the best customer service


Inspection of Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft propellers

Special projects

Leaders in aircraft upgrade and modernization services

Structural Repairs

Inspection, maintenance or repair of the structure and fuselage of your aircraft

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