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¿Why is our MRO service the best choice for your aircraft?

MRO en Central Aerospace

Our MRO service is an ASF for Textron Aviation for Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft; we are part of the Certified Network (DMF) of Pratt & Whitney Canada. We are an authorized Dealer of Collins Aerospace; authorized workshop of Thales, exclusive for Colombia and Ecuador; and authorized workshop of Safran for generators.

¿What is MRO?

When we talk about MRO in aviation, we are referring to Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul services; understanding that the provision of each of these services may vary according to the specific need and condition of each aircraft.

Installation, inspection, repair, or overhaul are the most common reasons why an aircraft needs to enter MRO service. Maintenance activities are carried out to ensure aviation safety, which is why compliance with quality standards is fundamental in our work.

Motor para aeronaves

MRO en Central Aerospace

At Central Aerospace, we are an Authorized Service Facility (ASF) of Textron Aviation for Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft, serving as exclusive representatives for maintenance, parts sales and repairs, landing gear and hydraulic services, and structural services in Colombia.

Additionally, we are part of the Pratt & Whitney Canada's Designated Maintenance Facility (DMF) Certified Network, exclusively for Colombia and Ecuador. This enables us to transfer the manufacturer's capabilities directly to our customers.

Similarly, we are an authorized dealer of Collins Aerospace; an authorized workshop of Thales, exclusive to Colombia and Ecuador; and an authorized workshop of Safran, offering inspection and overhaul of generators.

MRO Services for Civil and Military Aircraft

We offer specialized services for both civil and military aircraft:

  • Aircraft maintenance

  • Avionics equipment and systems

  • Aircraft engines

  • Landing gear

  • Hydraulic systems for fixed-wing aircraft

  • Structural maintenance for fixed-wing aircraft

  • Aircraft painting

  • Aircraft refurbishment

  • Sale of parts and repairables for fixed-wing aircraft

  • Aircraft upgrades

AOG Service

We offer AOG service providing complete support for aircraft in unexpected situations 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with maximum response times of 12 hours in Bogotá and 24 hours in other locations.

We are also part of the Textron Aviation 1CALL network to assist with AOG situations in the region, providing assistance to your crew and aircraft when needed most.

AOG Central Aerospace


We are certified by the American aviation authority: the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA); and in South America by the Civil Aviation Authority and the General Directorate of Civil Aviation (DGAC).

Experience in the aerospace sector

We are the non-scheduled aviation company with the most recognized corporate structure in Colombia, boasting a trajectory and experience of over 40 years in the aerospace sector.

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