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From the moment you wake up, you know that today will be a special day. It's not just any day, today you will have the experience of flying on a private flight. When you leave home you feel an indescribable thrill. Today there will be no endless lines or exhausting waits. Today, luxury and comfort will be your traveling companions.

Arrival: An exclusive welcome

White sofa, with fireplace and a TV behind it with glass table
Central Aerospace one of its VIP lounges

Arrival at the airport is different this time, you don't go to the usual terminal. Instead, you go directly to an exclusive section: the FBO (Fixed Base Operator). The difference is immediately noticeable. The moment you walk through the security gate, you enter a world where detail and comfort intertwine to create an unforgettable experience. From the very first moment, an aircraft dispatcher greets you with a warm welcome. They direct you to the VIP lounge, inviting you to relax on comfortable sofas where the latest technology accompanies you.

In the meantime, the dispatchers manage the flight's formalities, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free process.

Once the process is complete, your documents are returned to you with a smile, while you wait for your flight and enjoy a drink. It's time to relax and travel without stress, just an atmosphere of calm and exclusivity.

Boarding a private jet: Luxury in every detail

People boarding your private jet with your comfort and exclusivity
Central Aerospace FBO Bogotá

It's time to board. You board the plane up a private staircase and enter a cabin that looks like something out of a glossy magazine. Soft leather seats, polished wood accents and an incredibly spacious feel greet you. You settle into a seat that fits you perfectly, giving you maximum comfort. You gaze at the panoramic view of the world behind you, feeling truly privileged.

Personalization and entertainment: Everything to your liking

Every aspect of the flight is meticulously planned to meet your desires. Want to relax watching a movie? The high-definition screen in front of you is ready to play your selection. Prefer to work? An elegant table awaits you, ready to transform into your office in the sky. You connect your computer and make a videoconference, taking advantage of every minute of the flight in a productive and uninterrupted way, but not only do they offer comfort and exclusivity, but also an unparalleled gastronomic experience. Want to enjoy a good meal? Specialized in-flight chefs are dedicated to creating dishes that not only satisfy the palate, but also reflect individual preferences. And professional flight attendants are ready to guide you through this sophisticated and exclusive experience.

The catering services available to passengers raise the standard of personalization to new heights, allowing every culinary detail to be tailored to the specific tastes and needs of those flying, allowing them to enjoy a complete culinary experience at any time of the flight, without compromising on quality or taste.

Privacy and security: Absolute peace of mind

Throughout the flight, you enjoy an unparalleled level of privacy. The cabin is for you and your trusted companions only, ensuring a secure and confidential environment. You can discuss personal or business matters without worrying about information security. In addition, security measures are strict and personalized, offering greater peace of mind during your trip.

Arriving at destination: A smooth transition

White private jet, with open staircase for passenger boarding and alighting
Private Jet - Central Aerospace

Upon landing, the transition is smooth and quick. There are no long waits for baggage or endless customs procedures. The private terminal staff makes sure everything is ready for your arrival. Within minutes, you're out of the airport and on your way to your next destination, having enjoyed a journey of luxury and comfort.

Flying on a private jet is not just a means of transportation; it is an experience that combines luxury, comfort, flexibility and exclusivity at every turn. Whether for business or pleasure, flying on a private jet transforms the way travel is perceived and enjoyed, elevating it to a world-class experience.

Flexibility and Efficiency: smooth transition

Ergonomic leather chairs with belts, deluxe cabin
Interior of a private jet

"One of the biggest advantages in a private jet is that you can accommodate your time and schedule, plus you make sure everything is ready for your arrival," says Rodrigo Perdomo Gutiérrez de Piñeres, CEO of Central Aerospace, "We have one of the best FBOs in Colombia and Latin America, for its comfortable and luxurious VIP lounges, excellent service to our passengers and our highly trained staff. Central Aerospace makes sure that your experience on the ground is the beginning and the end of a great flight".

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Rodrigo Perdomo Gutiérrez de Piñeres


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