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This is how the internship is experienced as an Aircraft Maintenance Technician

Updated: Apr 15

TMA Intern Central Aerospace
Angie Cuesta, tma intern

Angie Cuesta, intern since February 3, 2023, tells us how she has managed to strengthen her skills and technical knowledge in the company thanks to its participation in large projects such as the installation of the Cargo Pot and the upgrade to Pro Line Fusion.

For Angie, Central Aerospace is an innovative, industry-leading company that enables Interns learn about all specialties, whether motors, hydraulics, structures, electrical, warehouse, production, among others. “What I highlight most about Central is the atmosphere, very pleasant. The technicians encourage us to learn and provide us with continuous support to better understand each of the processes carried out on the aircraft” – comments Angie .

One of the projects that Angie stands out the most during her internship has been the installation of the Cargo POT, because it allowed her to acquire new knowledge in structures. There she learned to handle structural diagrams, differentiate types of rivets, design and cut sheets, and use the appropriate technique for riveting and drilling.

Likewise, the Pro Line Fusion modernization project has been quite an experience for her. Since her role she has taken on important challenges that test the skills and knowledge acquired during her career.

“From my experience, the advice I would give to people who are interested in entering Central is: study hard and have all the attitude, availability and energy to do what they like. Enjoy your internship, work as much as you can, try to continue studying and put all the attitude into what you do. I assure them that with this they will perform well and go far.

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