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Thanks to the experience of our aircraft maintenance technicians.

Aerospace has aircraft maintenance technicians specialized in comprehensive support for operations and aerospace solutions.

Maintenance Technicians | Hydraulic Systems

Central Aerospace has over 40 years of experience in the aviation industry in Colombia. During this time, more than 4,000 aircraft have received our aircraft maintenance services, and over 8 million man-hours have been invested by our maintenance technicians, who specialize in each area of aviation.

Textron Aviation Service Center

Having specialized aircraft maintenance technicians enables us to achieve greater growth in providing effective responses to aircraft and pilots in AOG situations, as well as scheduled and unscheduled maintenance of their aircraft.

Furthermore, our technicians undergo constant training, receiving technical updates and direct training from manufacturers. The experience of our technicians is a fundamental part of Central Aerospace

Aircraft Maintenance Licenses

As an Authorized Service Center, 100% of our technicians hold authorized licenses in:

  • AMT - Aircraft Maintenance Technician

  • TEMC - Specialist Technician in Metal Structures and Composite Materials

  • TESH - Specialist Technician in Hydraulic Systems

  • TEEI - Specialist Technician in Electrical, Electronic, and Instrument Systems

  • TERM - Specialist Technician in Powerplant Repair

Controlled Workshops and Hangars for Aircraft Maintenance

Similarly, and coordinating the work of each aircraft technician, we have controlled workshops and hangars, providing safety and optimal spaces for comprehensive aircraft repair work.

Learn more about our specializations

  • Maintenance for Textron Aviation aircraft: Beechcraft and Cessna

  • DMF for Pratt & Whitney Canada Engines

  • Avionics systems from Collins Aerospace

  • Thales generator dealer

  • Safran generator dealer

  • Aircraft painting

  • Aircraft interior refurbishment, remodeling, modernization, and recovery


Get to know our services:

✔️ MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) ➡️ click here

✔️ FBO (Fixed Base Operator) ➡️ click here

✔️ Aircraft Management ➡️ click here

✔️ Aircraft Upgrade and Modernization ➡️ click here

More information ➡️ go to Central Aerospace.


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