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Boosting Innovation in Business Aviation: EBACE 2024

Central Aerospace participated for the second consecutive year in the EBACE 2024 European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition, where it joined business leaders, government officials, manufacturers and aviation experts to explore the latest innovations in advanced air mobility.

Blue poster, with white lettering and a blank airplane with a representative date
EBACE 2024 exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland
Cassio 330, VoltAero's hybrid-electric aircraft
Cassio 330 by VoltAero (photo taken from VoltAero)

From May 28 to May 30, Geneva opened its doors to aviation experts from around the world at EBACE 2024, organized by the European Business Aviation Association (EBAA) and the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

During the show, there was an exhibition of the latest innovations in advanced air mobility. Among the companies that stood out in this edition was VoltAero, with its revolutionary electric hybrid transport vehicle, the Cassio 330.

Golden Exbition Aircraft at EBACE 2024
Boing 737 MAX 8 at EBACE 2024

Pioneering companies such as Beyond Aero, Electron, Hydroplane Limited, Lilium and Vaeridion presented their latest creations in the field of advanced aviation. From electric business jets to hydrogen technologies for general aviation. The diversity of innovations promises to change the landscape of the aerospace industry.

Beyond Aero stood out with its electric commercial aircraft designed for hydrogen propulsion, while Electron is focusing on 100% battery-powered regional aircraft and an all-electric cargo plane. On the other hand, Hydroplane Limited is developing a modular hydrogen fuel cell for various aerial applications, from general aviation to urban air mobility.

Rodrigo Perdomo CEO of Central Aerospace participating in EBACE 2024
Rodrigo Perdomo Gutierrez de Piñeres, CEO of Central Aerospace at EBACE 2024.

“At EBACE 2024 we explored a series of meetings with executive managers and other industry experts on new business aviation technologies to boost innovation in the Colombian aviation industry”, says Rodrigo Perdomo, CEO of Central Aerospace.

In addition to the exhibits, EBACE 2024 featured new emerging technologies that are transforming and helping the environment so that we have a cleaner and more sustainable future for commercial aviation.


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