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5 Reasons to Choose Central Aerospace as the Service Center for Your Aircraft

Beechcraft King Air C90

As an Authorized Service Center, we uphold the commercial value of your aircraft to the quality standards of the manufacturer.

1.ASF de Textron Aviation

Our exclusive representation in Colombia for maintenance, sale of parts and repairables, landing gears and hydraulics, and aircraft structures services for Beechcraft and Cessna aircraft.

Textron Aviation ASF

  • We work with technical manuals, standards, and quality and safety policies issued by the manufacturer for each of their aircraft.

  • We have certified tools and OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts.

  • We offer local access and line maintenance for your aircraft.

Cessna Citation

2. Modern and spacious facilities strategically located to serve your aircraft and crew.

At Central Aerospace, we specialize in meeting the needs of the aviation industry in Colombia and the region with the highest quality standards:

  • We are located in Bogotá at El Dorado International Airport, and we also offer FBO services in Medellín at Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport, and in Villavicencio at Vanguardia Airport.

  • We have a warehouse in Miami, Florida, for efficient cargo dispatch, allowing for fast and high-quality logistics.

  • Our infrastructure spans over 12,000 m2 of specialized spaces for aircraft maintenance and FBO: avionics workshop, generator workshop, hydraulic workshop, engine workshop, paint hangar, wash hangar, maintenance hangars, private platform, VIP lounges for passengers, pilot lounge, as well as administrative spaces.

3. AOG Services: Assistance for your aircraft and crew when you need it most.

We offer comprehensive support for your aircraft in unexpected situations seven days a week, 24 hours a day (24/7), with response times of up to 12 hours in Bogotá and 24 hours in other locations.

  • We are part of the Textron Aviation 1CALL network to handle AOG situations in Colombia and the region.

  • Receive technical and commercial support with our 24/7 AOG service.

  • Get timely attention and management for unscheduled maintenance of your aircraft.

  • We offer Record Keeping service, which allows for predictive maintenance, enabling the calculation and scheduling of your aircraft's activities in advance, avoiding unexpected situations.

4. Comprehensive solutions that allow us to measure the efficiency of your aircraft:

Smart MRO

SMART MRO: the future of aircraft efficiency

We enhance the efficiency, productivity, and financial performance of your aircraft, providing total control, visibility, and traceability with our SMART MRO methodology.

  • Preventive maintenance based on flight hours.

  • Send us updated bulletins and relevant airworthiness directives.

  • Manage your aircraft with specific, measurable, achievable, and realistic times according to your aircraft's needs.

LEAN SIX SIGMA: Better, Faster, and More Efficient Processes

  • We work under Six Sigma methodologies for process efficiency, enabling us to define, measure, analyze, improve, and control the maintenance processes of your aircraft.

  • Less resources, greater positive impact on your aircraft's operation.

  • At Central Aerospace, we uphold competitiveness, reliability, and efficiency for your aircraft.

5. Aircraft Maintenance Experience

  • We have a comprehensive team specialized in each area of aviation, with technicians trained directly by aircraft manufacturers and approved by the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority.

  • Our Service Center is certified by the FAA and the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, allowing for quality maintenance work, ensuring that your aircraft retains its commercial value in the market.

  • With over 40 years of experience in the Colombian aviation industry, we provide reliability, transparency, and security to our clients.

Central Aerospace - Aircraft Maintenance

Choose Central Aerospace as the Service Center for your aircraft, ensuring quality processes approved and certified by the FAA, the Colombian Civil Aviation Authority, and the National Directorate of Civil Aviation of Ecuador.

FAA | Aeronautica Civil | DAC

Our Aviation MRO Services for the Region

Our MRO (Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul) services for civilian and military aircraft➡️ Maintenance➡️ Avionics system equipment➡️ Engines➡️ Landing gears and hydraulic systems

➡️ Mantenimiento de estructuras

➡️ Pintura para aeronaves

➡️ Remodelación de interiores

➡️ Venta de partes y reparables

For more information, visit MRO | Central Aerospace.


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