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Aircraft Parts and Components

Updated: Apr 17

In the world of aerospace industry, every piece of aircraft tells a story in its planning and execution. From the time of shipment to the final delivery of the goods, each step in the import and export process is carefully planned to ensure a smooth and efficient operation.

HSI PT6A Pratt & Whitney Canada Engine Aircraft
Hot Section Inspection (HSI) of a PT6A engine

How are aircraft parts imported or exported?

Each movement is precisely choreographed, from the moment the dispatch notice reaches our logistics team, a series of processes is triggered that starts from our warehouse in Miami - Florida, and culminates with the arrival of the merchandise at our facility located in Bogota - Colombia. With clear and concise criteria, a maximum weight and an assigned value, the process is guaranteed to be agile and smooth.

Once the goods enter the warehouse in Miami, a meticulous inspection and prioritization process begins. Our foreign trade team ensures that each item meets quality standards before it is shipped to its final destination.

From the packaging verification where the Miami consolidator sends information of the material in the warehouse in order to verify and prioritize the type of material that is ready for import to the physical inspection upon receipt of the material, each step is executed with precision to ensure that the parts are in perfect condition.

Every shipment is an opportunity to demonstrate our dedication to excellence, from the return of disassembled materials to the shipment of urgent parts, every step in the process is executed with the same precision and dedication.

How easy is it to get an aircraft part?  
Distributing aircraft parts to the warehouse
Aircraft parts

Compared to other industries, such as automotive, the aviation industry has a rigorous protocol for the purchase of aircraft parts and components, as well as their distribution and use. This protocol includes limited access to supplier databases, where the buyer must have a manufacturer's endorsement and certification for maintenance use.

As representatives of aeronautical industry leaders such as Textron Aviation, Collins Aerospace and Pratt & Whitney Canada, we are backed by being an Authorized Service Facility (ASF), and at Central Aerospace we ensure exclusivity of 80% to 90% in the purchase of international parts and components. What does this mean for our customers? Guarantees, legality and unparalleled support. We use tools such as ILS, PART BASE and STOCK MARKET to make sure we get the best deals and real-time availability.

How is it verified that the part is in optimal conditions?

When the merchandise arrives in Bogota, within 2 days, the warehouse team supervises the unloading of the merchandise with meticulous attention. Each part is inspected, photographed and verified to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition to its final destination: the customers' hands.

We are Authorized Economic Operator (AEO)

By demonstrating our commitment to security throughout the supply chain, on June 26, 2023 we received certification as an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) in Colombia, meeting the guidelines granted by the customs authorities (DIAN) and (WCO - World Customs Organization) by complying with the requirements in terms of security and customs and tax obligations.

Warehouse personnel checking aircraft components
Aircraft composite box

By becoming an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) we obtain a series of benefits in foreign trade operations, permitiéndonos el recognized as a safe and reliable company by the control authorities and our customers.

Unloading of aircraft parts
Verification that the parts arrive in a proper manner

Benefits of being AEO:

  • .We are qualified and certified in security and quality.

  • We guarantee agility in customs processes:

o Central Aerospace: 1 day

o Others not belonging to AEO: 3-5 days.

  • We do not have physical inspections for import and export operations.

  • Time reduction in foreign trade operations.

  • Organization in the company's general procedures.

  • Guarantee in the security of logistic processes.

  • Access to mutual recognition agreements with allied countries.

  • Reduction of logistic costs by quantity.

  • Elimination of guarantees before the customs entity for temporary imports.

  • Sale of parts and components with advice on import processes.

Given our commitment to be at the international forefront, at Central Aerospace we provide our customers and allies with guarantees in terms of safety and greater reliability throughout the supply chain.


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