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Citation XLS Interior


Design and comfort come together to enhance your enjoyment of long commutes 

Aircraft interior design - remodeling and / or restoration services

At central Aerospace we make aircraft interiors comfortable spaces, attending to the specific needs and tastes of our clients.

Our solutions and services include:

  • Replacement of upholstery, wood and chair covers with certified factory endorsed materials.

  • Restoration of sides, with composite materials.

  • Interior lighting change

  • Maintenance and recovery of windows and tints

  • Seat belt and chair maintenance

  • Edging type finishes, for luxury finishes that last longer.


We handle exclusive Textron Aviation catalogs, colors and designs for aircraft interiors

We have leather and textile catalogs with different textures, thickness and gauges

Citaton CJ3 interior
Recursos Plantilla Central Aerospace-09_edited.jpg

Learn more about our aircraft paint shop services


We will respond to your request in the shortest possible time.

We use materials certified and approved by the FAA in all of our projects

Every aircraft needs an interior space in optimal conditions

See the work carried out by Central Aerospace first hand. Tailoring to our clients needs and paying attention to detail are what make us unique.

Central Aerospace is a great option  when quality results are desired

Our team of professionals will advise you in the design and construction stages of your aircraft interior, so that reality exceeds your expectations.

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