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Petition​es, Complaints​, Claim​os And Congratulations

​​To provide you with a better service, at Central Aerospace we have made available the Petition, Complaint, Complaint and Congratulation mechanisms, where you can express your opinion about the services provided by the entity.​

PQRF record

We want to provide you with the tools so that you can send us your request, complaint, claim or congratulations. Therefore, to submit this request you must fill out the following form:​

Keep in mind…​

Responses to requests will be sent to the address provided by the petitioner, within a maximum period of 15 business days depending on the type of management, (If the substantive solution to a request takes additional time than established, a partial response will be sent before of expiration).


We will not recognize as requests those communications with disrespectful content as indicated in article 23 of the Political Constitution of Colombia.


Remember that only when the purpose or object of the request is not understood, it will be returned to be corrected within the following 10 days. (If the request is not corrected, it will be archived).

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