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King Air 260


Extend the life of your aircraft with the help of our trained and certified professionals at one of the leading aeronautic manufacturers in the world, saving you time and money

Aircraft maintenance and repair:
Beechcraft King Air C90 Series


Authorized services


Aircraft maintenance and repair:
Beechcraft King Air 200 Series

Authorized services


Aircraft maintenance workshop:
Beechcraft King Air 300 Series


Authorized services:

Aircraft maintenance workshop:

We're your friend on the ground and in the air, leading a new way of flying by putting comfort and safety first on every trip

Programmed maintenance

We make sure to comply with the manufacturer's maintenance plans and programs

King Air C90

For the Aircrafts:


King Air C 90 series | King Air 200 series | King Air 300 series 


  • Periodic calender inspections (planned inspections), inspection 200 hours, 400 hours, 800 hours, 12 moths, 24 months, 48 months and 5 years

  • HSI inspection (Hot Section Inspection) for the following engines:

    • King Air C90 series: PT6A- 135A and PT6A-21 Engines, interval 1800 hours 

    • King Air 200 series: PT6A- 41, PT6A- 42, PT6A-52 Engines, interval 1800 hours

    • King Air 300 series:PT6A- 60A Engine, interval 1800 hours

  • Engine and Propeller overhaul in different workshops

  • Calibration services for compass swing, altimeters, and other indication systems

Corrective maintenance, Conditional or Not Programmed

Seeks to correct a report or unforseen issue, with the goal of returning the aircraft back to a state suitable for flight, complying with the standards issued by the manufacturer


For the aircrafts


King Air C90 series | King Air 200 series | King Air 300 series

  • Damage caused by small objects, FOD (Foreign Objects Damage)

  • Unplanned inspections

  • Troubleshooting

  • Lightning Strike (inspection or repair)

  • Propeller dynamic balancing Hartzell and McCauley

  • Wheels and breaks

  • Battery, Power Supply

  • Hard or Overweight Landing


Structural repairs

Avoid transfers abroad for inspections, maintenance or repairs on the structure and fuselage of your aircraft


  • Major alterations and repairs

  • Aircraft stripping and painting

  • Cabin pressure test

  • Corrosion treatment

  • Foil replacement

  • Radome repair

  • Structural workshop

2. Beechcraft- Estructuras.jpg
Tren de aterrizaje

Landing gear

Comfortable takeoffs and landings. Enjoy each stage of your flight with the confidence and security that our services provide

Our intallations include a hydraulic systems workshop authorized by the FAA and Civil Aeronautics, with the capabilities for the following services:

  • 6-year inspection, functional testing and repair

  • Disassembly, assembly and changing of parts

  • Wheels and tire change

  • Maintenance, replacement of brake system hoses every 5 years and brake replacement

Engine workshop

Propulsion for your aircraft that is stable, constant and guaranteed. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing that your aircraft is in the hands of experts before, during and after each trip

We are part of the Pratt & Whitney Canada DMF (Designated Maintenance) certified network exclusively for Colombia and Ecuador

Our engine service is available for the following models:


King Air C90 Series


• PT6A-21


King Air 200 Series

• PT6A-41

• PT6A-42

• PT6A-52


King Air 300 Series


We offer the following services:

HSI (Hot section inspection)

Line maintenance (minor inspection):

  • Compressor wash: 200 hours

  • Injector wash: 400 hours

  • Borescope: 400 hours

  • Oil filter change: 1000 hours 

  • P3 filter change: 1000 hours

Starter Generator overhaul service every 1000 hours

Correcting reports, troubleshooting and component changes

Fixing, adjusting, and finetuning

Engine accessory repair or replacement service

Overhaul (with partners Pratt & Whitney Canada)

Specialized generator workshop for references:

Reparaciones estructurales
Tren de aterrizaje
Taller de motores

Avionics laboratory

At Central Aerospace we have a specialized workshop for the inspection and certification of avionics equipment and components

State-of-the-art technology serving controlled, tracked and safe flights. Guarantee the functioning of communication and navigation systems in your aircraft

Annual Certification


Bi-annual Certifications

ADS-B Systems

Air data computer Standby Pitot Static




Component repairs

Local repairs and repairs in partnered workshops

Avionics equipment upgrade

Cabin modernization

ADS-B Upgrade

LED Light installations

Internet and satellite phone system

USB Ports


At Central Aerospace we put our trust in specialized workshops for the inspection and certification of avionics equipment and components

Laboratorio de Aviónica

Cabin modernization

We install state-of-the-art electronic systems modernizing aircraft cabins, making sure to comply with the requirements set by aeronautical authorities

Other brands

4. Beechcraft-Modernización.jpg
Modernización de cabina

Parts and repairs sale for fixed wing aircrafts

We have direct access to factory inventories with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts to provide a fast and efficient service to all our clients. No more endless waiting times.

Venta de partes

Interior remodeling and restoring

We do it all: modifications, restorations and complete remodeling of the interior of your aircraft. Meeting the most unique needs and sophisticated tastes of our clients.

5. Beechcraft_recuperación.jpg

Aircraft painting

Change, restore and protect the first layer of your aircraft

Pintura de aeronaves
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